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Your Pinnacle of Coastal Luxury: The Queen Suite

Nestled amidst the swaying palms and emerald embrace of Gokarna, Karnataka, lies Kahani Paradise, a haven where luxury whispers amidst swaying palms and the Arabian Sea serenade your soul. And within this sanctuary of serenity sits the crown jewel – The Queen Suite.

Stepping into the Queen Suite is akin to stepping into a fairytale. At a sprawling 940 sq. ft., it’s the largest and most luxurious suite at Kahani Paradise, where space gracefully surrenders to comfort, and every corner whispers elegance. Wide, arched windows bathe the interiors in a soft, golden glow, painting the room with the hues of a bygone era. Sunlight dances on plush furnishings, while intricate design elements tell stories of a rich cultural tapestry.

A sanctuary of soaking bliss

Indulge in the unparalleled decadence of a suite that boasts the only marble bathtub at Kahani Paradise. Imagine unwinding in its embrace, enveloped in the warmth of the water, as the day’s worries melt away like grains of sand under the caress of the ocean waves. The attached bathroom is a haven of tranquility, designed to pamper and rejuvenate in equal measure.

Nature’s tableau

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While other suites bask in the panoramic beauty of the ocean, the Queen Suite offers a rare, intimate glimpse into the soul of Kahani Paradise, its lush, emerald gardens. From your private haven, watch butterflies flit between vibrant blooms, listen to the gentle rustle of leaves, and lose yourself in the verdant symphony of nature.

A world unto itself

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Accessible via a private road, the Queen Suite is a world unto itself, an oasis of exclusivity where your every whim is anticipated and met with discreet, personalized service. Unwind in the quietude of your private haven, knowing that every detail has been meticulously crafted to ensure an experience that surpasses even your wildest dreams.

Beyond the suite

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Of course, the magic of the Queen Suite extends beyond its four walls. As a guest, you have the entire tapestry of Kahani Paradise at your fingertips. Savor delectable cuisine crafted with fresh, local ingredients, dive into the infinity pool overlooking the endless expanse of the Arabian Sea, or embark on rejuvenating spa journeys designed to awaken your senses.


The Queen Suite at Kahani Paradise is more than just a luxurious accommodation; it’s an experience. It promises deep relaxation, unparalleled comfort, and moments that will be etched in your memory long after you depart. It’s where time slows down, where worries dissipate like mist on the morning breeze, and where you rediscover the simple joys of living a life unburdened. Indulge in the decadence of the Queen Palace Suite, where coastal luxury reaches new heights, and each moment is an ode to opulence. 

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