Things to do in Kahani Paradise

Away from all the chaos and hustles of city life, we all yearn for a peaceful holiday amidst nature. The feeling of comfort with a tinge of luxury is something that we can never say no to. Kahani Paradise is the place that gives you that feeling. Situated in the south of Gokarna, it is a place that offers tranquillity, luxury, adventures, and comfort all at once, in nature’s lap, giving you the experience of a lifetime. If you plan to book your stay at this beautiful haven, this blog will help you plan your trip better, giving you an understanding of all the things you can do and explore at this stunning resort. Let’s have a look. 

Immerse yourself in nature

The resort is surrounded by nature; spread across a 20-acre estate, you will find a lush green garden, swinging coconut trees, betelnut trees and banana trees where you can take a walk and admire the greenery around you, experience the fresh quality of pollution free air and allow the soft breeze to caress your face, immersing yourself completely in the beauty of nature. Witness the stunning sunset and the beauty of the ocean with beautiful tropical flowers surrounding you. Kahani Paradise allows you to experience the tranquillity offered by nature. 

Wellness Retreat 

If you want a calm, laidback experience and are eager to focus on wellness, Kahani Paradise offers yoga and open-air massage rooms for their guests, including ayurvedic and Swedish remedies, aromatherapy and hot stone massages. Experience the goodness of a morning yoga session in the heart of nature, followed by a healthy breakfast, and give your body the reward it deserves for hustling every day. You can also enjoy a nice swim while enjoying your favourite drink in the pool or lay by the pool and enjoy a warm sunbath if you are looking for a cosy and stress-free vibe. Kahani Paradise makes your wellness holiday better by offering all the facilities you need, from in-house massage sessions to a well-equipped gym. 

Sports & Activities 

Amidst all the comfort and relaxation, Kahani Paradise also offers fun activities to those who want to spend their time outdoors exploring and playing exciting games, from badminton to table tennis to board games. Experience the wholesome feeling of playing fun sports with your loved ones that you can’t often do in your daily life because of being too caught up with your tight schedules. Kahani Paradise also allows its guests to explore the nearby beaches, towns, and temples on a Royal Enfield and open-top Mahindra jeeps for the adventure freaks who want to explore the beauty of Gokarna. If you are anticipating fun experiments with cooking, the resort also organises cooking classes for their guests, and for nature lovers, it conducts a tour of the 20 acres with the in-house botanist, explaining all the mesmerising nature’s wonders within the property. 

Explore Gokarna 

If you want to explore the stunning Paradise Beach; it is just a 6-minute walk from Kahani Paradise. Paradise Beach in itself offers a breathtaking experience where you can lounge around, but if you want to experience the beauty of the nearby beaches, there are ferries and boats available that will take you to your desired location. Imagine being in the middle of the ocean with the natural fresh breeze hitting your hair and your skin. Pack your bags and experience it in reality. The resort can help you arrange boat trips with local fishermen, walks to the lighthouse and sundowners around the estate. Gokarna is an unexplored treasure with many secrets. Navigate through the beauty of this town and take home with you memories of a lifetime. 

Wrapping Up 

Kahani Paradise definitely lives up to its name, giving you the most beautiful experience combining adventure, comfort, and luxury. Book your stay at Kahani Paradise and get ready to be mesmerised by its beauty in terms of its architecture- both interior and exterior. Be it the grand villas or the majestic suites, Rajasthani doors or beamed ceilings, the swimming pool or the gym, in Kahani Paradise, luxury follows you wherever you go. Kahani Paradise provides facilities and services according to your interests, whether you enjoy leisure time or want a laid-back holiday. Go on a thrilling bike ride or explore the beauty of Gokarna; Kahani Paradise has all the facilities and services available for you, ensuring you have the best time in your life.

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