Sundown shenanigan: Explore the nightlife in Gokarna 

As the sun gently retreats beyond the horizon, casting a palette of warm hues across the coastal canvas of Gokarna, we unlock the secrets of Kahani Paradise, a coastal haven that defies the convention of a subdued evening. Here, the night isn’t a mere absence of daylight but an enchanting chapter in the story of Gokarna’s hospitality. The spotlight shines on Kahani Paradise’s distinctive specialty; a realm of night activities and services that promise to extend the magic well beyond sundown.

Departing from the norm where evenings might be left in anguish, Kahani Paradise invites guests to revel in the after-hours enchantment, ensuring that every moment, even after sundown, is just another chapter of memorable experiences.

An evening surrounded by a thousand candles at our step-well pavilion

Kahani Paradise beckons guests to a mesmerizing spectacle; an evening surrounded by a thousand flickering candles at our granite step-well tank with coconuts towering above and live sitar music playing throughout your time. A perfect occasion for those very special moments to be remembered for life served with dinner, cocktails, and imported wine.

A romantic and private sundowner at our special sunset hideout

For those seeking a more secluded escapade, Kahani Paradise unveils its special sunset hideout. Enjoy a romantic sunset view at Howie’s hut overlooking the Arabian Sea, promised to serve with sparkling wine, snacks, and an unforgettable view. Do carry your swimsuit for a fresh dip. You want some rhythm to your view? No problem, we can arrange live Sitar music band to add that extra special touch to your evening.

Fisherman boat trip

Discover the Gokarna coastline with a local fisherman’s boat. Glide across the gentle waters, accompanied by the rhythmic lull of the sea, and witness the coastline transformed by the subtle glow of moonlight; starting from Belekan fishing town to Paradise Beach then onto Half-moon Beach, with cold soft beverages available on the boat.

Explore Gokarna and further afield with our old resorted jeep

Hop aboard an old restored Jeep and venture into the heart of Gokarna and beyond. The night unveils a different charm as the headlights pierce through the darkness, illuminating hidden gems of Gokarna. You will visit the temples and old towns; and fly by the paddy fields and jungles of Gokarna.

Experience the famous Thursday market

Enjoy all fresh vegetables, and spices from the local community. Delight in the vibrant energy as locals and travelers alike come together, showcasing an array of wares and local flavors. It’s a chance to immerse oneself in the authentic rhythms of Gokarna, a market that truly comes alive as the evening unfolds.

Walk to the famous hippie spot

Illuminated by the soft glow of beachside bonfires and the ambient light of the moon, Paradise Beach transforms into a serene haven for contemplation, connection, and perhaps, some impromptu drum circles. 

Nature walk in our estate

 Engage your senses as the nocturnal symphony of nature unfolds; a chorus of crickets, the gentle rustling of leaves, and the distant murmur of the sea. Discover the many gardens in our estate planted with tropical flowers and plants. Countless winding pathways take you on journeys throughout the property.

Cooking with the locals

The night becomes a gastronomic journey, where guests can participate in creating local dishes and savor the flavors of the region. In our kitchen, our local lady chefs will teach you the secret of the famous Gokarna’s fish curry recipes and many more. 

Sports and other activities

The night becomes a playground of camaraderie, where guests can unwind and engage in sports and games such as tennis, badminton, and board games. For a more laid-back evening, Movie Night awaits, where guests can recline under the starlit sky and enjoy cinematic experiences.


Whether it’s an intimate evening surrounded by a thousand candles, a romantic sundowner, a maritime escapade, or a journey through history and culture, each experience becomes a unique chapter in the story of Gokarna’s nights. Come, revel in the moonlit magic, and let Kahani Paradise be the canvas for your unforgettable night beneath the stars.  



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