Kahani of Rooms

Luxury living at Kahani Paradise meets the laid-back lifestyle: a relaxing getaway into nature. Perched atop the hills and affording 360° views of the contrasts of sea- and forest-escapes, Kahani Paradise offers a world of quiet indulgence amidst nature. The journey begins with a stroll through our tropical garden, a vibrant tableau that transitions into an enchanting orchard adorned with coconut, betelnut, and banana trees. A daily sojourn through the garden invites you to immerse yourself in nature’s embrace, accompanied by breathtaking vistas of the boundless ocean and the delicate splendor of tropical flowers gracing every nook.

Kahani Paradise has curated a total of 6 suites with en-suite bathrooms in this oasis of indulgence that redefines the essence of coastal luxury, where every suite is not just a room but a chapter in your narrative of luxury and relaxation.

Blue Suite

The Blue Room is one of the more intimate suites of the Villa. In a serene ocean-inspired color scheme, the interiors come together seamlessly to offer a multitude of views. Moreover, this unique suite has a private seating area that looks out onto the property and the ocean beyond.

Green Suite

Designed to capture views of the sprawling garden, the aptly named Green Room has a modern, airy interior and large windows that afford picturesque views of the forested hillside. An understated, elegant color palette for the bedroom is matched with tinted walls and antique doors.

Elephant Suite

The Elephant Suite offers a secluded getaway tucked away from the main villa. The high-ceiling and marble interiors welcome sunlight through its large windows, giving way to an intimate pavilion terrace from which to gaze at the ocean.

Peacock Suite

The suite with a sea view, situated at a fair distance from the villa, is comfortably secluded. The large room boasts beautiful antique doors and arches that pair well with contemporary glasswork. With a pavilion terrace shared with Elephant, the suite is ideal for relaxing or enjoying the view.

Queen Suite

Largest and the most luxurious, the Palace Suite modestly presents its decadent, wide-arched interiors. The suite offers generous sunlight and is coupled with a stunning bathroom and a marble bathtub. Rare views of the garden are matched with a private suite. Queen Palace Suite is the largest Suite at 940 square feet and the only Suite with a marble bathtub. There is no outside sitting area of the Suite. It has a private road approaching the Suite.

King Suite

The pride of Kahani Paradise is the Panoramic Suite, offering guests a vantage point of the estate from behind ceiling-high glass partitions. With a master bedroom, a marble bathroom with sliding windows allowing open air, a private balcony, and a quiet study den, this suite is visually stunning with vernacular antiques and is comfortable.


Kahani Paradise, an exquisite retreat within a 20-acre expanse of lush gardens, pristine forests, flourishing farmland, and a haven of natural beauty, combines serenity with luxury and offers an unparalleled experience of rest and rarity. Luxury living at Kahani Paradise meets the laid-back lifestyle, designed to cater to the needs of families and large groups seeking an extraordinary escape.

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