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Explore your paradise, at your pace, in your style

Looking for the best way to explore your paradise in person? Kahani Paradise offers rides of all types so you can step out into the wilderness, move at your own pace and let the wanderer in you discover the beauty that lies in the depths of Gokarna. Feel the wind in your hair and let the environment dissolve you among itself as you get the engines running and take a moment to move along the sounds of the forest and embrace the sights around you to experience an awakening like no other. We are here to customise your adventure the way you like it, making you your own guide as you lead your travels through diverse modes.


Take an experiential ride to the surrounding beaches, towns and temples of Gokarna on our Royal Enfield Bikes to experience a truly immersive journey. It’s just you and the open air, let your burdens get blown away by the wind and your mind be healed by the excitement of acceleration.

Feel one with nature as you taste the sweet scents of the tropical flora that surrounds you and make a new discovery on every turn of your expedition getting as close to nature as one can get. A memorable experience for the adrenaline junkies that heightens your senses to your delight. If you’re looking to share this feeling with your gang with an added feel of off-roading, a different ride awaits.


Your 4-wheeled chariot of the jungle is waiting to lead you to unexplored sites. Our open-top Jeeps give you the true feel of Gokarna as you take in the panoramic vistas and capture the feeling in your memories.

Create your own pathways of exploration as you rush into adventure or slow down to embrace every element of the local culture. Experience the joy of exploring your kingdom with your people with a shared sense of tranquility and create everlasting impressions. Your ride will take you to the land of your dreams, but exploration beyond the coast calls for a different mode.


Take a joy ride to secret beaches near your paradise, take in the comforting sea breeze and get your swim fits ready to explore the depths of the water.

Let the coolness of the water hit you with a splash of refreshness and seize the luxury of your retreat with this private experience. Elevate this experience with activities like snorkelling and don’t let the wanderer inside you stop at land.  


Step away from the engines and slow down to experience Kahani in the most personal way. Take a walk through the 20 acre estate of garden, forest and farm and discover each element close-by.

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With an orchard of coconut, betelnut and banana trees and diverse species of tropical flora at every nook, take in all the beauty of your serene space and become one with nature on your way to your destination. Gather your thoughts and experience peace at your core through your personal adventure.


Your stay at Kahani is your journey to your satisfaction and we’re here to assist you on every step of the way. Travel your way and at your speed to experience what lies in the heart of Gokarna through a multitude of ways so you leave your paradise with memories of adventure and relaxation wanting to return to revive this special feeling of joy and amusement inside you. Whatever may be your dream vacation, Kahani awaits to bring every element of it to reality.

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